American spirit, tailored

The land of opportunity. The beacon of liberty. Home of the brave. The United States of America is many things to many people. At Wolper, we’ve taken the best of it and have weaved the essence into the finest collection of dress-shirts you’ll ever put on.

Read on to know what makes Wolper uniquely American.


Every thread of the Wolper shirt is enriched with the American spirit. When you don a Wolper shirt, you don more than a mere dress shirt.

You drape yourself in a garment that exudes all the qualities that make our nation great.

a class
of its own

Just as the Founding Fathers left an indelible mark on history, those who wear Wolper — the Wolper Men — leave their mark on the world, making a statement with every thread, a testament to the enduring spirit of liberty and the American dream.

This 4th of July, embrace the American within you. Become a Wolper Man.